Monday, April 9, 2007

Just Want to Share!

I've been working on many notebooking pages for the last year or so. I started a Yahoo! group called LDS Homeschool Form Share were I've been uploading pages for other homeschool families to use. Unfortunately, some of my files are too big to add to the file section of Yahoo! groups. This is the reason for this blog. I've added my pages to a file share website and will add links to this blog for others to access the pages. I'm not sure how much time I'll actually have for "blogging" but this is a free way for me to share my pages.

I also own Notebooking Nook, where I sell notebooking pages for homeschool families. This has been quite an experience for me, running my own business, but fun at the same time.

I moderate a couple other Yahoo! groups as well.
Homeschool Form Share Yahoo! group
Notebooking Nook Yahoo! group

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