Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Living Christ Update

Well, we're half way there!  We're not as far along as I had hoped we'd be at this point, but I still think if we work really hard at it we'll be done by Christmas.  Surprisingly, he kids love the time they spend memorizing it.  My 11 year old son is impressed with his memorization skills, I can tell.  He was pretty overwhelmed by the whole thing at first, but now he feels as though he can do it.  Some of the words in the text are a little difficult for him and he doesn't know what they mean, but that just gives us new words to add to his vocabulary.

We do need to work on presentation a little.  When my son recites, he's all over the place.  But, I'm not that worried about that for now.  I plan on adding a video of them reciting it when they're finished.  My only problem is my camera won't let me upload video lately!  But, I'm sure that can be worked out somehow.   Anywoo, the memorization is going great!

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