Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Sister Missionary!

Our daughter, Ali, received her mission call last week!  She will be serving in the England Leeds Mission and will enter the England MTC on August 5.  We also were able to talk to our 'son' Jonathan on Sunday for Mother's Day.  He is currently serving in the Belgium Netherlands Mission and is loving every minute of it!  When he heard where Ali was going he said "I could take a train over to see you!"  Of course, he really can't but it's nice that they will be so close.  He was very excited for her... WE ALL ARE!

This photo taken the minute she got her envelope in her hands!  She was doing a pretty cute happy dance around her apartment :)  It was a really great day because she had just turned in her last final about an hour before this moment!  She said she's more afraid of not being in school then serving a mission... she loves school but loves our Lord and wants to serve Him with all her heart! 

I was with her when she got her call and of course she wanted to open it with family and friends so we quickly finished packing up her sister's stuff and gathered a few things for her (she's going to stay in Cedar City to hang out with friends for about 6 weeks then come home and spent time with us) and drove 5 hours home to open it that night.  I tried uploading the video of her opening it, but I guess it's too big or something.  Let's just say her younger sisters were extremely excited and it took me about 2 minutes before I knew where she was actually going.  Lots of screaming going on... then lots of tears.  It was exciting and special.

Here are a couple Mother's Day photos of Jonathan (Elder Ellis) sent to us by some senior missionaries in is district.  He is very much loved, which doesn't surprise us at all.  We took him into our home because he is such a wonderful young man and we knew he would be a very positive influence if in the right environment.  He has touched many lives both here at home and on his mission.  He will return home about 3 months before Ali.  However, we also have a son who might overlap with Jonathan a month or two... so we may have out three at a time for a while :)

This photo was taken on a temple day for the missionaries.  They are able to attend the temple twice a year.  It's a great blessing for him to be able to attend the temple while on his mission. 

Jon eating raw herring... he's making a face like he doesn't like it but actually he thinks it's really good!

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SUZY said...

Hi there Betsy,

I was just looking on the Internet for pictures and info on the England, Leeds mission and I saw your blog with your missionaries. Congratulations. They both look like really nice kids.
Y daughter just received her call to the England, Leeds mission. We were so excited to see your blog and your daughter. My daughter (Hayley) thought she was darling. If you have any advise for us we would love to hear from you. Hayley leaves for the Mtc in England on June 28. We were do excited to find you.

Sue Burningham

Ps. Your blog looks. cute. I'm going to look at it after I'm done with this comment.

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